Argo Safety Device is a card that, suitably inserted in the control unit or in the adjacent area, allows to reduce considerably the risk of unintended movements of the main automations on board the boat, such as hatches, doors, tables, windows etc ..; once in operation, these will be usable only after the prior use of an activation sequence that requires voluntary execution by the operator.


  • Avoid accidental movements, caused by malfunctions of the panel (oxidation);
  • Increase the level of security by eliminating movements triggered by involuntary pressure in potentially dangerous automations, such as windows, tables, hard top, doors;
  • Can be used as a safety device against theft, for example: for tender under the tailgate without prior actuation closing for 3 seconds, the opening will not be effective; 


    The system enables the management of manual controls by enabling.
    The certification is considered valid when the default command is activated for at least three seconds and remains valid for five minutes after the last command generated.
    The card provides the enable signal activated by a dedicated output, also in case of failure of a command control is disabled. The signal output dedicated becomes intermittent.
    The card provides for the recovery using the reset command.

    supply 10-32 Vdc
    Relay switching current             8A 250 Vac – 8A 30 Vdc
    Number of inputs IN1 – enabling control function 1
    IN2 – enabling control function 2
    Number of relay outputs N.2
    Number of signaling outputs N.1 NPN (max 200 mA)